A desktop app to edit and convert Age of Mythology brg/grn files to and from glTF files.
App to convert anim, ddt, bti, cub, prt, mtrl, brg, xmb, scn files to user friendly formats for Age of Mythology game.
A 3ds Max plugin to import, export, and edit 3D model files for the Age of Mythology and the Extended Edition games.
With this program you can edit CarTuningFile (CTF,CSV) files for the Ego Engine games.
This app will allow you to edit the database.bin file for Ego Engine games. Edit events, ai skills, teams and more.
This program lets you export and import resources from ERP archives for EGO engine games.
This program lets you convert binary XML, Lng, Tpk, and Pkg files for EGO engine games.
Open Jpk archives to export/import files from Ego Engine games. There is physics, damage, and game loading data files.
This program provides a nice GUI for editing localization files for Ego Engine games.
This tool will allow you to open and edit PSSG files for EGO engine games.
An application to export, and import files inside of big archives for the Rise of Legends game.
A Blender add-on to import and export BigHuge3D mesh, UVs, skeleton, and BigHugeAnimation files.