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  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Application Information
  4. Usage
  5. Issues
  6. Changelog
  7. Credits


  • .NET Framework 4.6.2


  1. Extract everything from the zip file.
  2. Open Ego CTF Editor.exe.
  3. Enjoy! :)

Application Information

With this program you can edit CarTuningFiles (CTF,CSV) files for the EGO engine games. These files contain car performance data.


  • Intuitive GUI -- The graphics user interface has been built to allow maximum ease of use when editing files.
  • Easy Compare -- Aside from the files' data being lined up side by side, with the click of a button the program will show you all the differences between the files.
  • Community Involvement -- Schema files for each game are in xml format so that modders can edit descriptions of their findings for the file's values and share them with each other.
  • Open With -- Allows you to choose "Open With" and select this program to open CTF files.


After turning on the program, simply select a game by pressing the appropriate tab, and then click File -> Open and select a CTF file to edit.

Games per Tab:

  • Dirt -- Colin McRae Dirt
  • Grid -- Race Driver: Grid
  • Formula 1 -- All F1 games
  • Other -- Dirt 2/3/Showdown, Grid 2

Useful Tips/Tricks:

  • Each new file is loaded into a column in the datagrid.
  • Press on the column's header to select a file before saving or closing it.
  • Pressing on the first column's header will open up a filter box for you to search entry names.
  • Middle (Scroll) click a cell in any row to highlight it for better viewing.
  • Right click a cell to edit it directly. NOTE: Cells in certain rows cannot be edited
  • Use Control-C to copy and Control-V to paste data.
  • Edit the schema.xml files in the program's folder to write down information you've found about any of the file's values. Feel free to share them with the modding community. :)
  • Drag and Drop a file on the form to open it.


  • If you get errors try one of the following:
    • Make sure the folder that you put the files in is not readonly.
    • Run the exe as an administrator or give it administrator rights.
    • Put the files in a folder on the desktop.
    • Create an issue here.


  • 4.2.2016.0920
    • Fixed string parsing errors on Non-English language computers
  • 4.1.2013.1106
    • Sped up opening of files
    • Added a Save All and Close All command
  • 4.0.2013.0530
    • Added support for Dirt, and Grid 2
    • Fixed Dirt Showdown
    • Fixed Pasting when rows are hidden
    • Simplified UI
    • Uses EEL
  • 3.1.2013.0107
    • Fixed Various Bugs for Grid
    • Cleaned up backend
    • Started New Version System
  • 1.2.2013.0106
    • Improved Error Checking
    • Changed FloatList Unknown to Step
    • DragDrop Feature to Open Files
    • Small Update to Schema Files
    • Added Support for Race Driver Grid
  • 1.1.2012.1005
    • Improved UI in Column Filter and FileDialog areas
    • Added Support for Dirt Showdown, and F1 2012 games
  • 1.0.2012.0606
    • First Release


  • Ryder25 - For creating the program. (modding(at)ryder25.com)
  • Miek - For figuring out the schemas for the files which make all of this possible.
  • luh-koala - For creating program icon.
  • famfamfam.com - For the "silk" menu icons.


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