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  • .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime


To install, simply EXTRACT everything from the zip file to a desired location, and run the Ego ERP Archiver.exe file.

Application Information

This program lets you export and import resources from ERP archives for EGO engine games. Resources include various xml, pkg, and texture files.


After turning on the program simply click File -> Open and select a ERP file. When importing resources make sure to select the same folder that you exported into. The program will search for the same exact resource folder and file name as when the resource was exported.

If you have F1 2016 and newer, make sure to set the directory from the Settings menu. Some textures in this game have mipmaps counterparts that get exported into a single dds. When importing these textures, you will be prompted to save a new mipmap file. Changes are made to the texture inside the erp during import as well, so make sure to save your erp file too.


You can get support by asking in the modding channels of the following communities:

If you think you've found a bug, post an issue here with as much information as possible.


  • 9.1.0+20230616
    • Added support for F1 23
    • Updated zstandard library to 1.5.5 (thanks PiMoNFeeD)
    • Fixed bugs with xml file detection
  • 9.0.0+20220629
    • Added support for Grid Legends
    • Changed zstandard lib to fix bug with F1 22 (thanks to Discord community for investigating)
    • Added support for previewing BC6h textures
    • Changed .NET framework to .NET 6.0
  • 8.0.1+20210730
    • Fixed bug when importing xml files that are stored as plain text
  • 8.0.0+20210712
    • Added support for pkg format in F1 2021 and data types ui16 and ui08
    • Changed how pkg and xml files are detected
    • Changed texture preview library
    • Changed .NET framework to .NET 5.0
  • 7.1.0+20200710
    • Added support for BC2 srgb textures
    • Fixed crash when previewing texture arrays
  • 7.0.0+20200708
    • Added support for ZStandard compression (used in F1 2020)
    • Changed .NET framework to .NET Core 3.1
    • Changed libraries that provided image preview and zlib compression
  • 6.2.0+20191012
    • Added support for version 4 erp files (seen in Grid 2019)
    • Added support for bounding box data in pkg files
    • Added support for DDS FourCC BC4U and BC5U formats
    • Changed required .Net Framework to 4.7.2
    • Changed versioning scheme to semantic versioning 2.0.0
  • 6.1.2017.1025
    • Fixed corrupt textures at lower mip levels when importing a textures with a separate mipmap file
  • 6.0.2017.1022
    • Added support for Export/Import of F1 2017 textures
    • Changed required .Net Framework to 4.7.1
    • Fixed minor UI text issues
    • Fixed some cryptic error messages
  • 5.2.2017.0805
    • Added preview support for BC1-7 textures
    • Added support for ATI1, BC6 and DX10 variants of DXT1,5 and ATI1-2
    • Fixed incorrectly setting the format for SRGB textures (DXT1,5,BC7)
  • 5.1.2016.1230
    • Fixed bug causing invisible textures when the image format or mipmap count was changed
    • Fixed preview for ARGB textures having swapped Red and Blue channels
    • Updated help menu website link
  • 5.0.2016.1125
    • Added support for BC7 and ABGR8 texture types
    • Added support for texarray dds files
    • Added count of resources in each tab header
    • Added some user friendly errors/warnings when previewing textures
    • Fixed bug causing crashes with badly formed texture mods
    • Fixed bug causing crashes when previewing certain textures on Windows 7
  • 4.4.2016.0925
    • Fixed error when importing pkg files more than once
    • Fixed suggested filename in file dialogs to replace ? symbols
  • 4.3.2016.0909
    • Fixed broken import for XML files
    • Fixed updating of preview after import for Pkg and XML files
  • 4.2.2016.0906
    • Fixed export/import of Pkg files with strings >=128 bytes
  • 4.1.2016.0905
    • Added 7 Pkg file resource type filters
    • Added 17 Xml file resource type filters
  • 4.0.2016.0904
    • Added a Pkg Files, and Xml files tab for easy editing
    • Added texutre info to the texture preview area
    • Added progress dialog for Export/Import All functions
    • Recreated the resources tab to allow column sorting
    • Fixed importing resources to include all fragments
    • Fixed importing DXT1 textures
    • Fixed exporting textures with 0 mips in the mipmaps file
    • Added settings for the defualt starting tab
  • 3.0.2016.0828
    • Added a textures tab to make editing easier
    • Added support for F1 2016 mipmaps textures
    • Ability to Import/Export all textures at once
    • Ability to Import/Export a single resource at a time
    • Rewrote the UI in WPF
  • 2.0.2015.1031
    • Support for importing and exporting all files
    • Added full file path to UI
  • 1.0.2015.1031
    • First Release


  • Petar Tasev - For creating the program.
  • luh-koala - For creating icon and other graphics
  • famfamfam.com - For the "silk" menu icons.


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Ego ERP Archiver 2.0.2015.1102 637 kB
Ego ERP Archiver 4.1.2016.0905 849 kB
Ego ERP Archiver 4.2.2016.0906 851 kB
Ego ERP Archiver 4.3.2016.0909 849 kB
Ego ERP Archiver 4.4.2016.0925 849 kB
Ego ERP Archiver 5.0.2016.1125 1.1 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 5.1.2016.1230 1.2 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 5.2.2017.0805 1.3 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 6.0.2017.1022 1.4 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 6.1.2017.1025 1.4 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 6.2.0 1.4 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 7.0.0 2.2 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 7.1.0 2.2 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 8.0.0 2.8 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 8.0.1 2.8 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 9.0.0 2.7 MB
Ego ERP Archiver 9.1.0 2.6 MB